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Programs for Download


These programs were created for my own use.  I publish them here because they may be of use to others than myself (wishful thinking…).  If you are a beginner in LiveCode, try the beginners' page.

The programs are listed in alphabetical order.

I assume that you know how to write LiveCode programs;  there is no further documentation than what is available in the code.

The downloads are .zip files.  Some of the zip files also contain other resources such as icons.  Ironically, the icon files are often bigger than the entire program code.

To read the code you should perhaps (but not necessarily) be aware of my coding conventions.

link to
program code
description and further links
APRthe All-Points-Reachable problem of railway track layouts
Calculatea tiny calculator in which you type any expression (parentheses, trig functions, …) Handy desktop utility.
Compass appa compass for tablet or smartphone; installable version for Android.
CSS Factoringa tool to help maintain complex CSS style sheets; with description and manual.