About LiveCode

Experts, let alone common mortals, are often afraid of the tasks posed by programming a computer (desktop machine, laptop, tablet, smartphone).

However, the use of programs to help them express their expertise to others, as well as to explore their own field would be a great advantage.

But when creating an "app" you want to concentrate on the problem you want to solve, you do not want to be distracted by the details of the tool.

Most tools are either too limited (e.g. spreadsheets) or require far too much training in software development (e.g. C++ type systems).

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LiveCode is a single application that lets you create stand-alone programs in a way similar to how a word processor lets you compose a document.  In one and the same document you create the complete user interface and user interaction along with the program code, in a short time, without a steep learning curve and without relying on programmers.

You may consult the pages Why I use it and On the choice of programming languages.

LiveCode can make "apps" for desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones and it runs on all platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, android, …) using identical interface and code.  Its programming language is close to normal English.  It gives access to the web, data bases and sophisticated graphics.

LiveCode is also an ideal tool for teaching programming skills, an important part of education in a world where understanding computing has become as vital as understanding food and drink.

It has recently been made available for free, so anyone can now download it and look at any of the programs I have made available here.


The LiveCode site has a detailed guide for beginners, so I have only written a summary of the basics.

However I have made a number of annotated examples for beginners.  Those examples are meant to be fun, with no aim to be useful.

Programs you can look at

In addition to the annotated examples for beginners, there is a list of programs you may download, look at and use.  These are actual programs I use and created for myself, but they may be useful for other people too.