My programming conventions


Identifiers are used for variables, handlers, events and objects.

Identifiers use letters and digits, no underscores or hyphens.

Each word starts with a capital letter (including, for consistency, the first one!).

There may be one or two lower-case prefix letters to indicate usage.


Variable Kinds

Some kinds of variables are distinghuished, independent of the data type contained in them.  The distinction is by kind of use, and is indicated by a prefix letter:

g, l, f, p are scope prefixes, i, n, c, l are type prefixes.

Thus a global variable used to hold the number of graphics on a card might have the name gnGraphics, while a local variable to hold a similar count could be named just nGraphics.  A variable holding the length of something may be called llInputText if it is local and glInputString if it is global.