Annotated Examples

For beginners I wrote a few examples that are very simple yet hopefully provide some fun.

They are listed here in order of difficulty.  They are not designed to be useful in any way other than for learning LiveCode.

It may be useful to read the LiveCode Basics page first.  But remember that learning to program is an iterative process, like learning to ride a bicycle:  you learn a little from these pages, but don't understand much, then you do a little, and then you have to read some of these pages again, and understand a little more, then you do a little more again, and so on until you become good enough to take the side wheels off the bicycle…

The download links in the description column of the table will download a .zip file to your computer.  Such files contain the LiveCode source of the program, so you can directly open it with LiveCode and run it if you are too lazy to build it yourself.  If you are that lazy, remember at least to choose the run tool (arrow at top left of the tools palette).

Name Description Screenshot

the program reads aloud any text you type (one line of code).



in one line of code (copied three times) allows one to explore the RGB colour space.



draws a random set of circles in random colours but under constraints.



makes a circle throb on the canvas.