Unsatisfactory Models


When I talk about unsatisfactory models it is because they are unsatisfactory to me, and perhaps only to me, for a specific reason:  they look like the real thing, they seem to act like the real thing, but on closer inspection there are irritating oversimplifications.  I am talking about working or illustrative models.  I discuss a few cases in greater detail, and in each case my reflection was: 

if the real thing worked like the model, it would not perform properly.

In other words, a real object based on the Lego model would be a failure.  These models could not be used to explain their principles of operation.

A Boxer Motor

A boxer motor is a piston engine with opposing pistons.  The best known example is the engine of the Volkswagen Beetle:  a four cylinder, air-cooled boxer motor.  Most light aircraft are also powered by this type of engine.

I built two different boxer motors.

The Grand Carousel

A carousel is a merry-go-round amusement ride for children and adults.  Classically it has rows of wooden horses that go up and down as the platform rotates.

Lego did produce a large set for a carousel, with horses that move up and down.

Starting from this set I built a more accurate model of a carousel.