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Blog 2018


2018-05-08 Iran

Trump messes things up again.  And why can we not just ignore him?  A non-US company doing trade with Iran would be sanctioned by the US?  How?  Bullying?  Why do we tolerate this?

2018-04-25 North Korea

Kim jong-un is probably extremely astute:  first he provokes by developing nuclear weapons, but all the while having the intention to "lose" a war which he is not even going to fight.  He manoeuvers himself into a position where he is seen as a serious threat, i.e. has to be taken seriously.  Then he gets all the spotlight for agreeing to talks, then gets even more credit for being seen as a magnanimous leader who always worked for peace anyway and is the architect of the reunification of Korea.

Brexit vote now too tampered with.  Let's re-vote!

2018-03-31 Visa into US

BBC news: "US may require visa applicants to disclose details of their social media accounts." What if I don't have any? Quote in the NYT: “We want to get on their social media, with passwords,” Mr. Kelly told members of the House Homeland Security Committee. “If they don’t want to cooperate, then you don’t come in.”

So if I say "I don't have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, etc., I don't even own a mobile phone", then I don't come in? Or, if I say that my e-mail address is on my personal domain name and server, then what?

It's like asking for the key to my house.

2018-03-04 Brexit

If all the effort that now goes into Brexit had gone into constructively working on the EU while they were in, things would have been better for all of us

2018-02-19 Circumcision

Iceland law on circumcision & rights of the child (

Totally agree. Parents have a duty to care for their children, they do not have the right to any mutilation. When children get to be of age, they can decide themselves what they want to do, but not before. Raises of course the question when a child becomes of age, but many countries have some definition of that and it depends on the area of decision making. Different ages are used to decide whether you can drive a car, vote in an election, get married, consent to sex, buy an assault rifle, buy alcohol. There should be no exception for inflicting irreversible mutilations to your body. In addition any religion that has not explicitly rescinded the death penalty on apostasy should be banned. That includes Judaism, Islam and Christianity, but probably a load more.

There may be freedom of religion, but there cannot be freedom of rituals.