Our cat lives on many things he can catch in the garden, but he also eats catfood from cans.  He gets two of these tins a day.

An empty tin weighs 30g, all metal, mostly steel plus a few other metals for coating.

The cat lives about 15 years, but for the first year or two he eats less, say half.  Then we have 2 years half and 13 years full.  2 years half means one year full:  inverse proportional because with the same food he will eat fewer years if he eats more at each meal.

a tin

the cat

(regrettably died end 2004)

In his life, that's 13+1=14 years full diet. He eats every day, 365 days a year, two tins a day:  14x365x2 = 10'220 cans.

(1 day corresponds to 2 cans, then 365 days corresponds to 730 cans; 1 year corresponds to 730 cans then 14 years corresponds to 10'220 cans).

A total metal consumption of 30gx10'220 = 306'600g which is 306.6kg.

A single pet cat consumes 307kg of metal!

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