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These pages are meant as an introduction to working with Apple's Macintoshes running the OS X operating system.  I wrote them for some friends who have Macs but are not computing professionals and that is why you find them on my site.

Examples are taken from the OS X world, but many concepts discussed here are also applicable to other computer operating systems.

You can read the pages in any order you like.

Some topics have not yet been written and thus there will be no active link from such an item.

Item Description
General Concepts the minimum set of concepts you must absolutely know
Where am I ? find out in what state your machine is, and how to get somewhere
About Applications a list of application programs and what they are used for
File system where and how things are stored.
Good Practice being efficient without losing the fun
Tips to solve some frequent problems
Typography about presenting on screen and paper
Pitfalls things most people forget again and again
Keyboard Shortcuts the mouse is good, but the keyboard is often faster
Useful links to Mac related info on the web
Glossary of terms correct use of terms helps a lot in communicating problems
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