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Maker Name Type Purpose
CAERE OmniPage audio/video/scanning Optical Character Recognition for scanned text documents.
Apple X11 internet X11 server for looking at other computers through OSX windows using the X protocol.
Apple Stickies organization Yellow stickies.  A "disorganization" tool...
Bare Bones BBEdit text editing a powerful plain text editing tool.  Not for beginners.
Apple iCal organization agenda with sharing of agendas over the network (see also Now Up to Date)
Power On Now Up to Date organization agenda with sharing of agendas over the network (see also iCal)
x TinkerTool interface allows changing OS X interface settings that System Preferences hides from you
Adobe Acrobat publishing creates pdf files (portable document format)
Apple Calculator calculations desktop calculator, also has menu for currency conversion (rates updated through the internet)
Apple iMovie audio/video/scanning digital movie editing tool
Apple iTunes personal digital music organizing tool; also converts to mp3, plays CDs and internet radio
x GhostView display helper display PostScript files, mainly as they come out of LaTeX or TeX
Apple QuickTime display helper displays movies, streaming video, photos, panoramas, ...
Adobe Acrobat Reader display helper displays pdf files
Apple Finder System displays your file system and allows you to create folders and move/copy files
Qualcomm Eudora internet e-mail
Microsoft Entourage internet e-mail etc.
Apple Mail internet e-mail tool
gnu emacs text editing editor and more popular with Unix programmers.
Microsoft Virtual PC system emulates an Intel Pentium processor, on top of which you can install Windows so you can look at documents for which there is no Mac application.
Apple Terminal interface for accessing the full power of Unix.
Apple System Preferences utility for adapting the system's behaviour to your personal preferences.
Apple Address Book organization for addresses and phone numbers of people.  Is also used by Mail.
FileMaker FileMaker data base for all kinds of lists and data bases.  Can show many different views on the same data.
Roxio Toast utility for burning CDs and DVDs
Apple Grab authoring for capturing the screen or parts of it as an image.
Apple Internet Connect internet for connecting over your modem; not needed for Ethernet
Microsoft Windows Media Player display helper for displaying content in Windows proprietary formats
Apple DVD player display helper for looking at DVDs on the screen. Note that it is set to zone 2 and this can be changed only 5 times!
Netopia Timbuktu utility for looking at screens of other machines (including Windows) across the network. (see also Remote Desktop)
Apple Remote Desktop utility for looking at the screen of other Macs through the network.  Useful in collaborations.  See also Timbuktu
Microsoft PowerPoint presentation for making "slide shows".  Limited to one level.
Apple AppleScript programming for making different applications work together on repetitive tasks.
Apple Printer setup utility utility for making the list of your preferred printers, seeing the queues of printing documents, etc.
x LaTeX text editing for maths and physics
Wacom Wacom Tablet peripheral for tuning a Wacom graphics tablet
Apple iChat internet instant messaging with other iChat users.  You need an AOL account for this.
Apple Netinfo manager utility organizes the base level of the operating system. DO NOT use this!
Apple iPhoto personal organizes your digital photos
Apple Keychain access interface organizes your user/password pairs and uses them automatically in certain circumstances.
Adobe Indesign publishing page layout, mainly for printing
x Image Capture authoring picture capture and import
Adobe PhotoShop drawing/painting pixel graphics: photos (not suited for diagrams)
Trans-Tex Tex-Edit Plus text editing plain text editor
x PopChar interface shows character palette, useful for inserting special characters. Sits in a corner of the menu bar
Microsoft Excel spreadsheet spreadsheet
Apple System Profiler utility tells you all about your Mac:  installed hardware, characteristics of the machine, ...
Leighton Paul HourWorld interface time organizer: shows time in different time zones
Adobe ImageReady publishing treatment of images before publishing on the web
x TeX text editing typesetting system
Apple Preview display helper used by the Finder to display document types that have no obvious creator.  Also used for pdf files, but you should use Acrobat instead.
Apple Font Book utility used to organize your fonts into visible and invisible sets.
Adobe Illustrator drawing/painting vector graphic drawings: diagrams, lines, curves (not suited for photos)
Microsoft Explorer internet web browser
Mozilla Mozilla Firebird internet web browser
AOL Netscape internet web browser
Opera Opera internet web browser
Apple Safari internet web browser
Adobe Golive web web site design & upload (webDAV or ftp)
Microsoft Word text processing word processor with some style capabilities.
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