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Making a PDF file


OS X has the Adobe PDF format as an underlying system.  That means that any application can produce a PDF file.

To make a PDF file it is sufficient to "print" it.  Follow these steps:

  1. open the document for which you want to make a PDF file (we will use Excel as an example):
  2. choose Print... from the File menu:
  3. click "Save as PDF" and save the file (using extension .pdf if necessary).
  4. use the resulting file in e-mail or to place on the web.

The result, as presented in Acrobat Reader:

Using PDF ensures:

  1. that you can make the document available to users of all platforms
  2. that is can be printed in high quality (because it's vector graphics)
  3. that the user does not need the application to see the result.
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