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red brickYes, this is about the "toy" construction sets of the Danish company.

I think it's perfectly legitimate to indulge in this type of hobby, just as much as it's OK to collect stamps, waste your life watching football on TV or solve Sudoku puzzles.

Playing with Lego will at least teach you something about mechanics.

I mention here once:  "Lego" is a trademark of The Lego Group.  This site does not endorse The Lego Group nor does it receive endorsement from it.  It is just for fun.

And believe it or not, but there are "crazier" people around:

LDraw is devoted to virtual Lego
There is a Lego Maniac's Webring
Bill Ward has some Lego stuff

And before plastic took over, there was the equally interesting metal Meccano.

  Subject     Subject
 Problems certain things that do not work well in Lego   Gears dimensions and meshing

meshing computer

Dimensions empirically deduced dimensions of bricks   Robots programmed models
Bricks description of properties of bricks   Mechanisms
& tricks
examples of mechanisms
Bracing how to reconcile the differences in horizontal and vertical dimensions   Modelling in 3D free models for the Cinema 4D software.

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