Welcome to Marrucola

Back to "Tuscany" Remember that you will need the QuickTime plugin if you don't have a Mac.  It does not do anything bad to your computer :-)

I have added the controller bar at the bottom of the images so you can zoom in and out.

The best way to see 360 degree panoramas is to click-and-drag in the image, and move a little to the left or right. Making the panorama rotate very slowly is probably best; take your time.

Zooming in and out is possible, but I had to make very small pictures so that the time to download would not be too long.  Therefore, there is almost no detail in these panoramas on the web.

There is also the entire scene, in which you can go through the doors etc., but that is 800kB so over slow Internet links it may take some time before it comes to your browser!