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I'm lefthanded

Not much of a problem.  See some coincidences at the end.

Did you know these objects were made for right-handed people?

Lintbrush:  the stiff hairs on the red part are directed upwards, so you have to hold it by the lid (at the left) in your right hand and brush downwards.  Doing that with your left hand just leaves all the accumulated lint on your clothes!

Umbrellas:  the way the strap closes to hold the cloth.  In this case there is also a sheat with the same problem:

Tamper protection on some plastic bottles or containers:  the strip is removed by gripping a tab and pulling it to the right with your right hand.

Mugs:  the decoration can be seen only with the handle on the right.  In this particular example I don't really mind that I cant see the "decoration":

Glass beer mugs:  even without decorations, you can read the manufacturer's mark on the bottom only if you hold them in your right hand.

Carving knives:  the blade is sharpened asymmetrically, it moves towards the wrong side if you use them with your left hand.  Peeling fruit with them is very difficult.

Vacuum cleaners:  the pedal on the brush that retracts the bristles is always on the left side.  Worse:  some give no indication about the state; yet others indicate what the state is supposed to be for (tiles or carpets) rather than leaving that decision to me but telling me what the state is (bristles out or in).

Power drills:  the button that locks the trigger is on the left side.  I almost had an accident with this:  holding the drill in your left hand it is very easy to lock the trigger involuntarily.

Electric teapots:  if they have a water level indicator it is usually on the left side (thank you, PHILIPS, for the Filterline model, which was one of the first to have a water level indicator on both sides!).

Ice cream cones:  if the vendor wraps a paper napkin around the cone, then you will feel what I mean when you try to rotate the cone in your left hand while licking it…

Shirts with shirt pockets:  the pockets are invariably on the left side (over your heart), easier for right handed people.

Trouserhangers:  the clamp works best when operated with the right hand.

Kitchen sinks:  they have the drip area on the right hand side.

Some cupsare for right-handers:

Turnstyles of the Paris metro:

Ice-cream scoops:  the thingy that helps remove the ice cream and is actuated by squeezing the handle, rests on the right side, leaving the left side free for scooping with the right hand.

Shower bars: the shower head is on the right.  Mine are on the left, and I admit that I never worried that it might be uncomfortable for the right-handed people in my household:

Apple extra monitor default: it comes up on the right by default, but my extra monitor is always on the left:


OK, so there's the left hand and the right brain.  I've noticed some correlations, though I have no scientifically established statistics:

Right Left
Right Wrong
Dog Cat
Windows Mac OS
Mercedes SAAB
Canon Nikon
People Machines
competition collaboration
team sports dexterity games
verbal visual
messy meticulous
winner loser
follower opinionated
? ?

About driving on the left or the right

The British always defend driving on the left as historically justified:  when two horsemen meet, they have to keep left because they want to be able to draw their swords with their right hand.

This assumes that most people are right handed, which, I agree, seems to be the case.

But if people are better and stronger in their right hand, then all the controls in a car should be manipulated with the right hand.  This holds especially for the gear shift which is not only important but needs some strength to pull into gear.

In cars made for driving on the left, all controls are on the left and the gear stick has to be pushed away to get into first gear.  It looks to me that it should be more difficult to drive those cars than it is to drive those made for driving on the right.

If you know of a study made of this asymmetry, please tell me.

(send me your own funny observations)

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